Rachel Dolezal Booked On Charges Of Welfare Fraud

She faces up to 15 years in prison if convicted.


Missouri Judge Pens Editorial In Hopes To Overturn Teen’s 241 Year Sentence

Missouri circuit court Judge Evelyn Baker wants to make this case right by penning an editorial to the Supreme Court.


Judge Acquits Two Teens Of Attempted Murder After Newborn Was Found In Trash Bin

After placing their newborn daughter in a trash receptacle, two Kentucky teens will serve 12 months probation per a judge's ruling on Friday (Feb. 10).


L.A. Judge Makes Decision Regarding Chris Brown and Jail Time

Chris Brown is far from freedom despite not being sent to prison. Yesterday (Feb. 3),  Breezy made a court appearance with…


Judge Rules Bad Driver Must Wear “Idiot” Sign

There's bad driving, and then there's this.In a bizarre move, an Ohio woman stuck behind a school bus took matters into her own hands, and…


Lil Wayne Scolded By The Judge?

The litigation surrounding Wayne's current lawsuit against Quincy Jones III over the Tha Carter documentary continues.


Watch DMX Do A Google Search—On Himself

DMX is finally joining the Digital Era, even if he's taking the "slow and steady" route.


Mariah Carey Becomes Judge on ‘American Idol’

Just when the judges' table looked like it was tearing at the seams, American Idol got their dollars up and landed Mariah Carey.