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Kendrick Lamar on How He Chose the Female Role in ‘Poetic Justice’

As Kendrick Lamar’s newly released drama filled "Poetic Justice" video continues to rack up millions of Youtube views, fans are prying for details…


Justin Timerlake Electrified: 5 EDM Spins

Justin Timberlake’s viral message that he’s at long last "ready" to drop a new joint "sometime" spread like musical wildfires. We’re already planning the remix.


Justice Prepares For Helix Release

A new EP from French DJ duo/legend, Justice, is set to drop at the top of the New Year. Helix will be available…


VIBE Hits Up Justice Live Set At SiriusXM

Quintessential French electro-rock DJ duo, Justice recentlt kicked off the American leg of their live tour with a DJ set for SiriusXM's Electric Area. VIBE…


Britney Spears Electrified: Top 5 EDM Hits

Even though she's recently begun hosting duties for The X-Factor, Britney Spears and her personal stable of pop music creators were one of the first…


Vibe’s Top Fan-Captured EDM Videos from Lollapalooza

Electronic dance music (EDM) ruled this year's Lollapalooza (August 3-5), arguably the most famed rock-oriented themed festivals. As mainstream recognition for electronic dance and electric…


New Music: Wyclef Jean’s Tribute Song for Trayon Martin “Justice (If Your 17)”

The latest celebrity to show their support for the slain Florida teen, Trayvon Martin is Wyclef Jean. Touched by the events that have been surrounding…
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