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Katt Williams Skips Arraignment Hearing

Katt Williams' long list of offenses just keeps growing.


Katt Williams Announces Retirement From Stand Up Following Seattle Incident

Katt Williams has been at the center of controversy for the past couple of days, but has all the drama been the deciding factor to…


Katt Williams Arrested In Seattle After Bar Dispute

Katt Williams' erratic behavior lately has finally caught up with him in the worst way—again.


Katt Williams Slaps Target Employee (VIDEO)

They don't call him a pimp for nothing.


Katt Williams Sued By Fans for Public Meltdown

Katt Williams may have gone too far this time.


Five Rap Beefs That Should Have Never Happened

Look, beef is a necessary component of rap music. Not EVERYONE could possibly be the best rapper, drive the best cars, have the best style,…


SNL Spoofs Katt Williams

A Saturday Night Live spoof is the sign that your career is at all new heights. But for Katt Williams this spoof couldn't…


Katt Williams Busted, Charged With Battery

Katt Williams is in trouble again. The mercurial comedian was arrested by police in Oakland for his alleged part in a fight at a club.


Faizon Love Says Katt Williams Pulled A Gun on Him

Things got heated between comics Faizon Love and Katt Williams out a Hollywood nightclub. What started as a friendly chat between "friends," turned ugly in…


No Joke! The 10 Biggest Fails of Katt Williams’ Career

The Date: November 2006 The Fail: Williams was arrested at Los Angeles International Airport after authorities found a stolen gun in a briefcase he…

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Katt Williams Off The Hook In Tractor Attack Case

The comedian can wipe his brow after all. He won't be charged in the bizarre tractor trailor incident from June Via Bossip: You may recall…


Katt Williams Arrested… Again

Yet again, actor and comedian Katt Williams has been arrested. This time not for disturbance at Walmart or breaking and entering charges—he's sending others to…


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