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Barack Obama Breaks Out His Best Dance Moves In Kenya

Obama visited his family while promoting his half-sister Auma Obama's new sports and training center.


Kenyan Priest Suspended By Catholic Church For Rapping Sermons

"We have just barred him from preaching using rap music to allow him to change his ways."


A Doctor In Kenya Was Suspended For Performing Brain Surgery On The Wrong Patient

It took hours before the surgical team realized the mistake.


After Their $1 Wedding, A Kenyan Couple Received $35,000 For Lavish Redo Ceremony

More than a handful of donors were in the spirit of giving once they learned of a young Kenyan couple's wedding price tag.


Kenya’s Karate Kicking Grannies Are Putting A Stop To Sexual Predators

Rapists don't stand a chance against the resilient women of Nairobi.


Black Lives Don’t Matter: A Reminder Of Why Paris Received More Attention Than Kenya And Nigeria

A little perspective on the world’s reaction to Paris in comparison to (certain) other world tragedies.


President Barack Obama Reunites With Extended Family During Visit In Kenya

President Barack Obama made his fourth trip to his father's homeland of Kenya, Africa a memorable one. During his stay, he reunited with…


#SomeoneTellCNN Once Again Reveals Clumsy Reporting From News Network

CNN offended yet another community of people with their coverage of President Obama's trip to Kenya.


Kenya: Al-Shabaab Terrorists Invade Mall in Nairobi Killing Several People Inside

Terrorists overtook a mall in Nairobi, Kenya at lunchtime on Saturday (Sept. 21) killing 30 people and wounding another 50. At press time, the standoff…


221 Coffins Set On Fire In Kenyan Protest

Protestors in Kenya set 221 coffins on fire in a powerful protest against outgoing government officials.

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RHOA Recap: Kenya and Porsha Throwdown in Anguilla

Love and drama were in the air last night on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Couples were lovey dovey with each other on Anguilla and…


Kenyan Mother Names Her Baby Twins Barack Obama and Mitt Romney

Election day may be over but it seems Barack Obama and Mitt Romney will stay related for life.


2024 Olympics Bid: Nairobi Wants It

LONDON, Aug 8 (Reuters) - Kenya's capital Nairobi is planning to bid for the 2024 Olympics and become the first African city to host the…


Street King! 50 Cent Gives Back to Africa

50 Cent is really giving back to those in need every chance he gets. The mogul recently took a trip to Somalia and Kenya and…