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20 Years Later: Tupac Is Hip-Hop’s Prophet Of Rage And Revolution

I have never met anyone like Tupac Shakur, and I doubt I will ever meet anyone like him ever again. In the past few days…


Kevin Powell Weighs In On Donald Sterling, Civil Rights, and American Racism

It was Albert Einstein who said it best, long ago: insanity is saying or doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a…


Kevin Powell Pens Blog Post On Nelson Mandela’s Impact For ESPN

To commemorate the life and memory of the late Nelson Mandela, VIBE veteran Kevin Powell penned a post for ESPN about the South African legend's…


20 Years Of Doggystyle: VIBE Veteran Kevin Powell Looks Back At Snoop’s Classic Album

Kevin Powell knows a thing or two about hip-hop. Back before the 47-year-old New Jersey native embarked on his current career in politics and public…


VIBE At 20: Kevin Powell Recalls Jailhouse Interview With Tupac , Ep. 3

Tupac always kept it 100. His consistency was apparent not only in his music but also in the eyes of VIBE scribe-turned-political-activist Kevin…


Trayvon Martin Invitational Held at Harlem’s Rucker Park [PHOTOS]

The first-ever Trayvon Martin Invitational is being held over the weekend at the iconic Rucker Park in Harlem. In conjunction with VIBE Magazine, HOT 97,…


VIBE At 20: Kevin Powell Recalls Jailhouse Interview With Tupac, Ep. 2

Kevin Powell has conducted some of the most revealing interviews with legendary rapper Tupac Shakur in the pages of VIBE Magazine. As we…


Dear Trayvon: A Letter to America

Activist and author Kevin Powell writes a powerful, heartfelt dedication to a boy slain merely for being Black in America…


Photos: Kevin Powell Leads Trayvon Martin Rally In Union Square

VIBE alumni Kevin Powell lead a peaceful rally earlier this afternoon (July 14) in wake of the Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman verdict. Hundreds gathered In…


VIBE At 20: Kevin Powell Traces VIBE’s History With Tupac Shakur, Ep. 1

Tupac Shakur and VIBE have a history that's as intertwined as his twisted middle and ring fingers throwing up dubs. His ascent to icon…


Tupac Shakur: VIBE Looks Back at Rap Legend’s Cover Stories (Trailer)

"To me, Pac was always a consistent man," says veteran VIBE journalist Kevin Powell. "He was always someone who kept it 100 all…


Join VIBE Magazine And Kevin Powell For A Night Of Live Music And Culture

Few journalists have made such an instrumental impact on hip-hop, as founding VIBE staff member Kevin Powell.


Kevin Powell’s Letter to Trayvon Martin “Made in our America”

Read activist and author Kevin Powell's letter to Trayvon Martin.Dear Trayvon:What do I say to you, man-child, or for you, that has not already been…