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Lebron James Is Producing A ‘House Party!’ Remake

"This is definitely not a reboot. It’s an entirely new look for a classic movie.”


Swizz Beatz Throws Alicia Keys A ‘House Party’ Themed Birthday Bash

Alicia Keys turns 34 today, and the 15 time Grammy-award winning singer-scribe has much to be thankful for. After just giving birth to the couple's…


Here’s Kid ‘N Play’s Christopher Reid, Singing Backstreet Boys Karaoke

And now, Kid, the lost Backstreet Boys member. Taking the stage at West Hollywood’s Rock & Reilly’s Irish Pub, Christopher Reid, one…


Watch: Kid ‘N Play Return To Handle Some ‘Funny Business’

Hip-hop duo Kid 'N Play are gunning for the spotlight once more with their new comedy show Funny Business. The YouTube show…


Rewind: Kid ‘N’ Play Perform On The Arsenio Hall Show

Arsenio Hall turned his set into a house party yesterday after welcoming Kid N' Play back to his TV show. The famed duo surprised…


Celebs Rocking High-Top Fades

Memo: The high-top fade is back. The edgy look was popularized and put on the map via Kid 'n Play, and now celebs like Fabolous…


Quit Playing: Kid From Kid n’ Play Arrested In LA

According to TMZ, Christopher "Kid" Reid —half of the '90s rap-comedy duo Kid n' Play— was arrested inside his Los Angeles home earlier today. It's…


A Short Convo With… The New Boyz

In 1988, hip-hop purists criticized Kid ‘N Play for their colorfully confounding wardrobe, fun loving music and signature dances. However, it was those same quirks…

Movies & TV

Life After Kid N’ Play

After the House Party ended, what became of Christopher "Kid" Reid, of Kid N' Play? The rapper/actor checks in on this documentary, airing Sunday (September…