Montgomery Police Arrest Doe B’s Alleged Killer

Montgomery Police have mad an arrest in the death of Kimberle Johnson and Glenn Thomas, better known as rapper Doe B. The man you see…


Q&A: Songstress Sharon Doorson Talks Armin Van Buuren, Rihanna

Sharon Doorson can make anyone high on her love. The singer/songwriter first dropped like a bomb upon America in June with a tune titled, "High…


Chuck E. Cheese Killer Faces Execution After 20 Years on Death Row

After two decades on death row, Nathan Dunlap aka the "Chuck E. Cheese" killer was denied an appeal to avoid the death penalty. He was…


Retired NYPD Officer to Sell Letters from John Lennon’s Killer

A look inside the mind of John Lennon's killer goes on sale today.


Alleged Zodiac Killer Named in New Book

After over three decades one former California Highway Patrol officer claims he has enough evidence to tie in a killer in the unsolved "Zodiac murders."

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Trayvon Martin’s Cousin Says He’s Positive It’s His Voice on 911 Tape: “That’s Him”

As the fight to bring Trayvon Martin's killer to justice continues, members of his family are stepping up to help bring closure for their family.HLN's…


Teenager Who Threw A Party After Killing His Parents Partly Blames Rap Music

The best friend of Tyler Hadley, the Florida teenager who killed his parents, spoke out about that horrific Sunday night (July 17) when…