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Dennis Rodman Says He’s Received Death Threats For Being Friends With Kim Jong Un

Rodman arrived in Singapore as his problematic friends met for the historic summit.


Cheers To Peace: North and South Korean Leaders Agree To Formally End Korean War

During the meeting, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un took the most dramatic action as he briefly crossed into the South Korean territory making him the first North…


Donald Trump Prepares For Nuclear Negotiations With North Korea’s Kim Jong Un

Greeted by optimism on both sides, the monumental meeting will center around denuclearization and is set to occur “before May.”


Colin Kaepernick Makes TIME Magazine’s Shortlist For ‘Person Of The Year’

Along with the former San Francisco 49er, Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un are also contenders for the distinction.


Dennis Rodman Gave Trump’s “Art Of The Deal” Book To North Korea’s Sports Minister

There's a message within Rodman's gesture, but like all things concerning the 6'7" Hall of Famer, it remains a mystery.


Dennis Rodman Embarks On A “Pretty Positive” Mission In North Korea

Rodman will spend four nights in Pyongyang, but it's unclear if he'll meet with the nation's controversial leader, Kim Jong Un.


North Korea Blames Obama For ‘The Interview’ Release, Calls Him A ‘Monkey’

Raking in $1 million dollars in theaters following its Christmas Eve release, The Interview continues to piss off North Korea. After Sony’s backtracking in its…

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Watch: James Franco And Seth Rogen Attempt To Kill North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un In ‘The Interview’ Trailer

James Franco and Seth Rogen are at it again. In The Interview, the funny man duo, Francogen (I just made up their celeb…


Jimmy Kimmel Breaks Down Dennis Rodman’s Meltdown On CNN

After Dennis Rodman freaked out on CNN about Kenneth Bae in what looked like a drunken rant, Jimmy Kimmel decided to break it down to…


Why Is Dennis Rodman Going Back To North Korea?

Eccentric and rebellious NBA legend Dennis Rodman made headlines back in February with a controversial trip to North Korea, where he buddied up with communist…

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Kim Jong Un Gets Serious About Nuclear War

Is it too much to give peace a chance? In a speech delivered on Sunday and published in full by the country's KCNA news agency…


Dennis Rodman Gives Up Secret About Kim Jong Un?

Dennis Rodman.may have inadvertently placed himself on North Korean leader Kim Jong Un's bad side.


Kim Jong Un’s Wife Reportedly Gave Birth

South Korea officials are reporting that leader Kim Jong Un and his wife had a baby.