Kita Williams

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The TO Show’s Mo & Kita Talk Kardashian Biz Model, Hate Reality TV Stereotypes caught up with Monique Jackson and Kita Williams from The T.O. Show to chat about their brand. The dynamic duo talked about their beauty…


Why Evelyn’s Tranny/Weave Comment Rubbed Us the Wrong Way

Evelyn's known for her memorable and cutting phrases from the infamous "You're a non-m*th*rf*cking factor b*tch," to the recent "You're not in the…


Reality’s Angels: Kita Williams & Monique Jackson Help Define Your Pretty

T.O. Show executive producers Kita Williams & Monique Jackson are ready to take flight with their new beauty brand.


The T.O. Show’s Kita Williams: ‘I Do Not Condone Women Who Date Married Men’

Kita Williams is one of the feisty publicists responsible for maintaining the reputation of Cincinatti Bengals wide receiver, Terrell Owens. She was often seen on…