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LeVar Burton Sued For Theft & Extortion Over ‘Reading Rainbow’ Catchphrase

A PBS affiliate has filed a lawsuit against LeVar Burton for using the 'Reading Rainbow' catchphrase on his podcast.


‘Reading Rainbow’ Host Goes On A Twitter Rant About Getting Bumped From First Class

LeVar Burton feels disrespected and he's all the way not here for it.


LeVar Burton Reading ‘Go The Fuck To Sleep’ Will Make You Miss ‘Reading Rainbow’

If your childhood didn’t include Reading Rainbow, that’s such a sad thing to hear. LeVar Burton, who "took a look in a…

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‘Roots’ Remake Coming To TV Courtesy Of The History Channel

Fresh off the success of Steve McQueen's 12 Years a Slave, The History Channel believes that the 1977 miniseries needs a fresh start for a…

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LeVar Burton Is Pissed At Mitt Romney

The worst thing that Mitt Romney could do was anger the PBS voting constituents in America, but he didn't expect them to retaliate.