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Romeo Miller Claims If He Were 6’4″ He’d “Be The LeBron Of This Day”

“If I was in my dad’s body, 6'4", I’d be the LeBron of this day," Miller told Slam Magazine.


Romeo Says He And Bow Wow “Should’ve Worked Together” During Their Rap Careers

In an extensive Instagram post, Romeo recalled that he and Bow Wow, born Shad Moss, should've worked together from the studio to Hollywood.


Is Master P.’s Ex-Wife On Welfare?

According to Sonya Miller, Master P's ex-wife, there is "no limit" to how low he will stoop to ignore her. The former claims…


Romeo Takes It All Off [NSFW Photos]

Have you seen Lil Romeo lately? He's transitioned from rapping with braids to showing off his sexy abs on the small…


Summer Heat: 11 Celebrity Crushes—Chiseled. Shirtless. Hard. [PHOTOS]

Summer is scorching hot and with this kind of eye candy around, it’s not cooling off any time soon. VIBE Vixen decided to beat the…


Angela Simmons Bares All in ‘Everything Girls Love’

Beauty and fashion mogul Angela Simmons let loose in online mag Everything Girls Love, from her latest business ventures to relationships. Simmons recently partnered…


V Exclusive: Romeo Talks Being A Sex Symbol, Cougar Control, Diggy, Bieber & Willow Smith + No Limit 2011

Romeo believes he's a grownass man. He's certainly not 'lil' anymore, peaked at #5 on VIBE Vixen's Sexiest Rapper Alive list, is cutting checks as…

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Lil Romeo Joins Cast Of New NBC Superhero Drama

Lil Not So Lil Romeo has been cast on NBC’s new superhero drama The Cape, which premiered this month. Romeo will play "Lil Z," a…


Top Dog? 6 Reasons Bow Wow Deserves Props

1) He's been rapping since he was three years old. It's easy to make jokes about the fact that Bow Wow used to have…


Diggy Simmons Says 40-Year-Olds Bump His Music

Rev Run has yet another son shooting to make an exceptional mark in hip-hop. 14-year-old Diggy is the third of the Simmons lineage to pursue…