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Recent Lottery Winner Found Stabbed To Death In Bronx Apartment

“I feel bad. I'm sorry for his death. I know the man a very long time. … He seen us grow up, he watched over…


Woman Who Won $560 Million Jackpot Refuses To Make Her Name Public To Collect Earnings

The lottery winner's lawyer said his client wishes "to walk into a grocery store or attend public events without being known or targeted."


Man Dies From Cancer Just Weeks After Winning Million-Dollar Lottery

"He deserved [to win], I just wish he had more time with it."


Ooh, She Got Money: 19-Year-Old Wins Lottery Twice In A Week

Girl, put on your location, we just wanna talk.


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5 Reasons to Play Today’s Mega Millions Worth $636 Million

Mega Millions has reached a record breaking high. After last weeks jackpot that nobody won, the monies rose to $636 million (and rising).


Powerball Winner Has Yet To Claim $590 Million Jackpot

Two weeks after drawing the winning numbers, the $590 million jackpot still has not been claimed.


25 Songs The $590 Million Powerball Winner Needs To Play Right Now

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Powerball Winner Owes 29K In Child Support

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Powerball Jackpot Boosted To $550 Million

Attention! The new Powerball Jackpot was boosted to $550 million.