Chance The Rapper Links With Lyft To Fund Chicago Public Schools

You can help by rounding your ride up to the nearest dollar.


Sir The Baptist Reflects On Past Career As A Lyft Driver On “Driver Appreciation Day”

The talented artist teamed up with Lyft to provide music to the company's creative new ad.


Shaq As An Undercover Lyft Driver Is Proof There’s Still Good In The World

There's finding $20 in your pocket, and then there's Shaq as an undercover Lyft driver that comes in as a distant second.

Music News

Justin Makes A Belieber Out Of Lyft In An Exclusive New Deal

Lyft's Bieber Mode is offering exclusive rides with Justin Bieber and discounting his upcoming album, 'Purpose.'


Ice Cube, Kevin Hart And Conan O’ Brien Take A Joy Ride With Lyft App

Late night's favorite redhead Conan O'Brien goes for a ride with rapper/ actor Ice Cube and comedian Kevin Hart in a bellyaching segment…