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Malcolm-Jamal Warner Believes Geoffrey Owens Is About To “Get More Work”

"An actor's life is a series of ups and downs," Malcolm-Jamal Warner said.


Malcolm Jamal-Warner On Bill Cosby: “In A Few Generations The Huxtables Will Have Been Just A Fairy Tale”

For the first time, "Theo" from 'The Cosby Show' addresses the spiraling legacy of Bill Cosby.


Malcolm-Jamal Warner Splits With Regina King

This is a shocker. Malcolm-Jamal Warner split with Regina King, his partner of two-plus years.


Malcolm Jamal-Warner And Regina King Plan To Tie The Knot

Regina King and Malcolm Jamal-Warner are reportedly preparing to tie the knot after over two years of dating. Both actors were child stars in the…

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Malcolm Jamal Warner On ‘Life After’ The Cosby Show

Believe it or not, it’s been nearly 20 years since The Cosby Show finished its groundbreaking, eight-year successful run on television. And Malcolm Jamal Warner…