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VIBE's Mikey Fresh will also host a live Q&A with No Malice.


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Clipse Member Malice Changes His Rap Name to…

The artist formerly known as Malice pleads "No Malice." Ever since 1/2 of the rap group Clipse found a new calling in religion, he's been…

Movies & TV

Malice of the Clipse Shares Secrets to Success from his 20-Year Marriage

Anslem Samuel of the popular relationship blog,"Naked With Socks On," caught up with Malice of the Clipse who revealed his secrets to a successful marriage.


Malice of the Clipse Speaks on Finding God

Christian TV network CBN recently featured Malice, of the Clipse, on their 700 Club show. While on the Christian series, he spoke on changing his…


Grown Man Business: Malice Of The Clipse Finds Religion, Becomes Entrepreneur

As one half of the critically acclaimed rap duo the Clipse, Malice made a name for himself as a coke-pushing rapper alongside his brother and…


Peep This: Malice Of The Clipse Releases ‘Pray’ From His Forthcoming Audiobook [Video]

Malice Gene Elliott Thornton, Jr. has released "Pray," a snippet from his forthcoming audiobook entitled, Wretched, Pitiful, Poor, Blind and Naked. That's quite the mouthful…


Peep This NOW: Malice Of The Clipse Live Book Reading

Don't worry we miss Malice spitting inappropriate bars about sex, coke and happiness as well. But how can you hate on a man who's on…


The Clipse’s Malice Wants A New Name

Hopefully you've fully splintered any remaining dreams of Malice returning to the booth, because the Virginia rapper turned reverent devotee doesn't even want you referring…


New Video: Waka Flocka ‘Bringing Gangsta Back’

Waka goes corner store trappin’ in the budget video for "Bringing Gangsta Back". Look out for his new mixtape Salute Me Or…