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Actress Gal Gadot Addresses ‘Wonder Woman’ Criticisms

When it was announced that Fast And Furious starlet Gal Gadot would be donning those indestructible bracelets to play Wonder Woman, plenty had much to…


Holy Smokes! Batman, Superman To Unite in ‘Man of Steel’ Sequel

Every year as the Jedi and Marvel costumes descend upon San Diego for the annual Comic Con convention, it means big news in the world…

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Could ‘The Batman’ Return To Theaters In 2015?!

The success of Zack Snyder's Man of Steel has empowered fans to wonder aloud when a Justice League movie will hit... but could the Dark…


Kaley Cuoco Dating Superman Actor?

Kaley Cuoco has a "Super" new boyfriend.


VV Weekend Guide: 5 Things You Must Do

Blood, sweat and tears are a thing of the past once the weekend approaches. You've worked hard all week and those two days…

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Community Heroes Come Out for ‘Man of Steel’ Screening in Los Angeles

In the spirit of Man of Steel, the new Warner Bros. superhero remake of DC Comics' Superman, VIBE honored everyday "heroes" with an advance IMAX…


Contest: Win ‘Man Of Steel’ Prize Pack And Chance To Shadow VIBE Editor For A Day

Saving the world is a tough gig but imagine running a popular publication! In partnership with the action flick Man of Steel, VIBE is offering…


Contest: Win Tickets To The NYC Premiere Of ‘Man Of Steel’

Before Man of Steel soars into theaters June 14, VIBE is giving you a chance to snag two tickets to the NYC premiere. WHEN:…

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Watch: All Kneel Before Zod In New Action-Packed ‘Man Of Steel’ Trailer

With little less than a month to go before the release of Zack Snyder's Man Of Steel, Warner Bros. is pulling out the big guns…

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20 Twitter Reactions To Zack Snyder’s Epic ‘Man Of Steel’ Trailer

Fans of Shuster & Siegel's DC Comics creator will tell you in a minute that Superman is one of the best superheroes of all time.

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Watch: A Brand New ‘Man Of Steel’ Trailer

Warner Bros. has been building up to this moment over the past week or so, and now finally we get a chance to see more…

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Watch: The First TV Spot For Zack Snyder’s ‘Man Of Steel’

This year marks the return of Zack Snyder to the public eye since his last film, Sucker Punch, delivered a misfire to the box office.

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Return of the Summer Blockbuster: Iron Man 3, Lone Ranger, Great Gatsby & More

Last summer The Avengers took in more than a billion dollars worldwide at the box office. Comic books come back to life, along…

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RUMOR: Is Christopher Nolan Taking Over ‘The Justice League’?!

Audience reaction to an early screening of Man of Steel has added a bit of weight to this super-powered rumor.


Big Blockbuster: 12 New Movies We Want To See In 2013

Last year was such an incredible year for motion pictures, that we couldn't wait for the new year to start so we could begin anticipating…