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Jonah Hill Reveals Small Pay Day For ‘Wolf Of Wall Street’

When you're Jonah Hill, money is not a priority when it comes to working for Martin Scorsese.

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‘The Wolf Of Wall Street’ Sets Record For F-Word Usage

Just how many f--ks does it take to make you stop in amazement?

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Filmmaker Martin Scorsese Considers Retirement

For the past fifty years, filmmaker Martin Scorsese has given movie fans classic cinematic offering — and that's not even mentioning the various other projects…

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Watch: Leonardo DiCaprio Blow Money Fast In ‘The Wolf Of Wall Street’ Trailer

Although it's not the same as the first trailer, powered by Kanye West's "Black Skinhead," DiCaprio and co. want you to know that they get…

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Watch: ‘The Wolf Of Wall Street’ Trailer Featuring Kanye West’s ‘Black Skinhead’

Kanye West's Yeezus hasn't even touched shelves and already, it's become the musical accompaniment for what is sure to be another blockbuster hit.

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Martin Scorsese To Direct Bill Clinton Documentary For HBO

One of the most dramatic presidential runs in U.S. history centers around Arkansas' own Bill Clinton. Now his life is set to become a movie…


Red Carpet Fab: Celebs Attend Hennessy ‘Wild Rabbit’ Launch Party

NYC's renowned Highline Stages hosted Hennessy's launch of their " Wild Rabbit" campaign, and many celebs were attendance to partake in the festivities. The campaign…

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Jay Hernandez On ‘Takers’ v. ‘Ocean’s Eleven:’ Those Old Guys Can’t Keep Up’

The film comparisons are unavoidable. Some people are calling Takers a multiculti Ocean’s Eleven for the 21st century. And because both films are sleek and smart…