Marz Lovejoy


Marz Lovejoy Hones Her Acting Chops Alongside Common & Meagan Good

Our Vixen lady will finally be debuting her acting skills with the major movie deal she just landed. Since speaking to us last month, Marz…


The Vixen Q&A: Marz Lovejoy Talks Working With Pac Div, New West Coast Hip-Hop And Meeting Raekwon + DJ Quik

You may not necessarily understand her hipster style, her unique sound that intermixes singing and rhyming or even her passion for love and positivity, but…


The Vixen Q&A: Marz Lovejoy Weighs In On Nicki Vs. Kim, Dreams Of Collab With Erykah Badu, & Explains Style

What have your experiences been as a female rapper? Do you feel like its been a struggle to get respect or taken seriously?It’s come up…