Mayor Bloomberg


Mayor Bloomberg Wants Banksy Arrested In New York

While most of New York City is loving the exciting outdoors residency of famous UK street artist Banksy, at least one city official isn't amused.


Bloomberg’s “I’m A Girl” Campaign

We live in a society where the female body is constantly under a microscope, 1-4% of young women suffer from eating disorders, and…


Questlove Helps Mayor Bloomberg Launch Made In NY Media Center

Questlove's 'fro poked out through the row of city officials at Tuesday's unveiling of the Made In NY Media Center. The Roots' musician traded his…


Mayor Bloomberg Defends Electric Zoo Founder Mike Bindra

Mayor Bloomberg has spoken out regarding the tragic deaths that took place at last weekend’s Electric Zoo. The NYC mayor claims he’s worked side-by-side with…


‘Stop-And-Frisk’ To Stand Trial In NYC

Stop-and-Frisk is being put on trial in federal court starting Monday, March 18 in the class action lawsuit Floyd v. the City of New York.


NYC Mayor Bloomberg Endorses President Obama

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg is formally endorsing President Obama’s re-election. The Mayor announced his support via an…


177 Arrests Made In NYC Due to Occupy Wall Street’s City Take Over

Approximately 177 people have been arrested during clashes between police and Occupy Wall Street demonstrators in New York City. Portestors planned for mass gatherings today…


Bloomberg Ordered Zuccotti Park Raided, Wiped Out in a Little Over 5 Hours

Dozens of NYPD officers wearing helmets and carrying nightsticks descended on Zuccotti Park for a massive wipe out that began Tuesday at Midnight. Via The…


U.S. Beefs Up Security In Face Of Possible 9/11 Threat

Heightened security was visible in New York City and Washington Friday, as intelligence officials worked to pin down information about a potential al Qaeda threat…


NYC’s Mayor Bloomberg Wants Stricter Federal Gun Laws

Mayor Bloomberg wants the federal government to enforce more stringent gun control laws to address firearm-related violence in New York City. The legislation Bloomberg is…


Jay-Z Helps Put Brooklyn Nets On The Map

It seems that Jay-Z, not content with being a multi-millionaire music mogul, has decided to dip into the political arena once again. The rapper showed up…


Q-Tip Twitter Attacks New York Mayor, Michael Bloomberg

If you follow rapper Q-Tip on Twitter (@QtipTheAbstract), you may have noticed that over the past few days, he's gone ballistic on New York Mayor…