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McDonald’s To Remove Cheeseburgers And Chocolate Milk From Their Happy Meals

McDonald's is hoping to get the amount of calories in a Happy Meal down to 600.


A Former St. John’s University Student Confesses To Owning The Gun Used In Four Tampa Murders

The ages of the victim ranged from a 20-year-old austic student to a 60-year-old construction worker.


Women Climb Through McDonald’s Drive-Thru To Attack Manager Over Nuggets They Never Ordered

A receipt proved the women never ordered the nuggets they were craving.


A Bronx McDonald’s Manager Was Arrested For Selling Cocaine With Food

The Bronx and Florida are really neck and neck when it comes to foolery.


A McDonald’s Employee Was Fired For Exposing Moldy Ice Cream Trays On Twitter

"I thought [the machine] would be cleaned regularly," the teen told reporters.


Of Course McDonald’s Is Dabbling Into “Trendy” Apparel And Accessories

Are you going to cop (and actually wear) McDonald gear?


You’re Drinking S**t If You’re Ordering From These Fast Food Restaurants

Only a matter of time before this hits a location near you.


An 8-Year-Old Stole His Father’s Car To Get Some McDonald’s Cheeseburgers

The young boy reportedly watched YouTube videos to learn how to drive.


McDonald’s Tweets And Deletes Post About “Disgusting” Donald Trump

Hacked or not, you know Twitter was lovin' it.


Without The Big Mac Creator, There’d Be No B.I.G. Mack

In light of McDonald's Big Mac creator's recent death, we honor his contribution to the hip-hop game.


Kanye West’s McDonalds Poem For Frank Ocean Has Everyone Talking

Yeezy penned this for Frank's magazine.
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