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The ‘Squat And Squint Woman’ Knows Full-Well Of Her Meme Status

"This has been a treat for my soul!"


LOL: Diddy Lounging On The Met Gala Steps Inspires Tweets Galore

Mood for the rest of 2017: Diddy laying on the steps.


The Internet Outdid Itself With These #DraLo Memes

Well done, Internet. Well done.


Twitter Is Going In On “What Do I Look Like I Do For A Living”

See the most hilarious responses to the trending game.


The Internet Is #StraightOutta Line For Taking This Meme Challenge Into Its Own Hands

In support of the forthcoming N.W.A. film Straight Outta Compton, Beats by Dre designed a new photo generator that allows people to represent their hometowns.


Riley Curry Is The Meme We’ve All Been Waiting For

The internet had too much fun with one cute capture of Steph Curry's little MVP.


Joe Budden Has Officially Become A Meme

Joe Budden was the MV-Meme this Memorial Day Weekend


7 Memes That Perfectly Describe Knicks Fans’ Reaction To The 2015 NBA Draft Lottery

Michael Jordan's crying face is always appropriate for Knicks fans.


VIBE Weed Week: The Highest, Happiest 4/20 Memes

Light up your 4/20 with these hilarious memes


Hair Laid G.O.O.D.: Big Sean Is The Latest Rapper To Be Memed

Big Sean is given multiple new hairdo's as he becomes the latest rapper to be memed.


The Internet’s Hilarious Reactions To Fox’s ‘Empire’

Let's be real: no one flipped to Fox last night (Jan. 7) to watch the season 14 premiere of American Idol. (Sorry, J.Lo.) Check the…


The Year In Memes: 2014’s Most Instagrammed Moments

2014 was one big joke, according to Instagram. No major life event or Lifetime biopic would have been complete without the shade in Impact font…


20 Hilarious Memes That Made Us Say ‘Whyyy?’

Thanks to the popularity of Internet memes, every embarrassing moment caught on camera is now immortalized to be retweeted, shared and re-Vined for the entire…
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