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Memphis Teen Reportedly Shot In The Head After Internet Challenge Goes Wrong

The 17-year-old shooting victim was hospitalized in critical condition.


Memphis Shifts Momentum With Removal Of Confederate Statues

“It’s worth remembering that this is another step in a years-long journey…”


Riddled With Problematics, Blac Youngsta’s Coming Of Age Is A Success Story

"Anyone who has ever struggled with poverty knows how extremely expensive it is to be poor." —James Baldwin


A 29-Year-Old Mother In Memphis Is Charged With Fatally Stabbing Her 4 Children

One child was able to escape the brutal murders.


Memphis Woman Claims The Police Fatally Shot Her Unarmed Fiance

Why would there be any shots if there is no gun at hand?


Blac Youngsta Opens Up About Growing Up Poor, His Brother’s Death & Why He Waves Guns Around

CMG's Blac Youngsta has a serious discussion with


Watch This Memphis-Based News Station Kill Silento’s “Watch Me” Dance Routine

Silento's infectious track "Watch Me" is making waves across the country and on the Billboard charts. From students to Steph and Ayesha Curry's precious daughter…


Ride Or Die Chicks: Should They Love Him or Leave Him?

It looks like this year marks the official Rise Of The Ride Or Die Chick. Consider all the infinite infidelity scandals haunting our headlines lately—these…


Drake Talks ‘Worst Behavior’ Video, Says He Was ‘Hesitant’ To Return To Memphis

Toronto has never seen a more patriotic hero than Drake. Yet the video for the 27-year-old rapper's energetic new single "Worst Behavior" reveals an…


Photos: Drake Heads To Memphis To Shoot ‘Worst Behaviour’ Video

It looks like Drake's "Worst Behaviour" will be the next song off Nothing Was The Same to get some video treatment. Drizzy was captured on…


Sexiest Male-Covered Magazines

Teasing us with glimpses of skin and ink, the R&B rebel almost makes us forget about his rap sheet and start thinking about the other…

Movies & TV

Paul Greengrass’ MLK Biopic “Memphis” Is Back On Track

Paul Greengrass' much maligned film about the final days of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is getting its second wind. We got the details for…

Movies & TV

New Martin Luther King Jr. Movie ‘Memphis’ Back On Schedule

One of the greatest leaders of the civil rights movement, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., will be revived on the big screen once again.


MLK Death Balcony To Open As Museum

The National Civil Rights Museum is planning to allow visitors into one of the most iconic sites in American history. The museum is built around…