Mental Health


Charlamagne Tha God Weighs In On Cancelling Kanye West Due To Mental Health Issues

"I can't even take anything that he's saying serious. He's clearly telling us that something is wrong."


Man Enters Mental Health Clinic For Netflix Addiction

An Indian mental health clinic admitted a patient for Netflix addition, which marks the first time they had a case like this.

Music News

Chance The Rapper Pledges $1 Million Mental Health Services In Chicago

"We want to change the way that mental health resources are being accessed by you."


New York Schools To Begin Mental Health Education Classes

At the top of July 2018, New York State (NYS) required public schools to implement a mental health segment within the curriculum.


California Officially Bans Schools From Starting Before 8:30 A.M.

California lawmakers are concerned about students getting sufficient amounts of sleep.


Demi Lovato Shares Battle With Suicidal Thoughts

"I knew that if I were to take my own life that the pain would end."

Movies & TV

‘SNL’ Star Pete Davidson Reveals Borderline Personality Disorder Diagnosis

The comedian initially believed the symptoms he was experiencing were due to his high use of marijuana.


10 Rappers Who Have Openly Talked About Mental Health

The media and fans may not have picked up on all of the warning signs, but it turns out a lot of our favorite rappers…


Drake Reportedly Extends A Helping Hand To A Suicidal Man In England

Drake reportedly attempted to help a suicidal man in England.

Music News

Kanye West Reportedly Wants To Make Music From His Hospital Room

Kanye West allegedly asked his team to bring recording equipment to the hospital.

Music News

Kid Cudi Pens Heartfelt Thank You Letter For Support After Rehab

Kid Cudi takes to Facebook to thank supporters for their love.