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Michael Jackson Mural Appears Weeks Before Brooklyn MJ Block Party

The kaleidoscope-inspired mural is thought to be the work of Brazillian artist Eduardo Kobra.


Michael Jackson’s Nephew Isn’t Feeling Drake’s “Don’t Matter To Me”

"If he didn’t finish it, you shouldn’t use it."


Drake’s ‘Scorpion’ Album Receives Mixed Twitter Reactions

Like Drake, his fans have been waiting on this.


Michael Jackson’s Estate Releases Statement In Wake Of Joe Jackson’s Death

"Mr. Jackson’s contributions to the history of music are enormous."


Michael Jackson’s Life To Be Depicted In New Broadway Musical

From several biopics to documentaries, Michael Jackson's life has been analyzed in various formats. Now, the pop icon's career will play out on Broadway.


Michael Jackson’s Estate Issues Statement Against ABC News Documentary

In a statement issued on Wednesday (May 23), Michael Jackson's representatives expressed disappointment with ABC News' decision to still press forward.


‘The Last Days Of Michael Jackson’ Documentary Depicts His Desire To Be “Normal”

'The Last Days of Michael Jackson' documentary aims to show the more humanistic side of the superstar.


We Are Destroying The Culture By Comparing Beyoncé To Michael Jackson, Point Blank Period

"Legends don’t need comparisons. They create their own lanes."


Chance The Rapper: “Beyonce’s Performance Was Better Than Any Performance Michael Jackson Ever Did”

"I need to talk to you guys about the greatest performance of all time, put on by the greatest performer of all time. But in…

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Michael Jackson’s Moonwalk Loafers Will Be Up For Auction

The shoes will be up for sale May 26, and will sell for a "very conservative" $10,000.


Playback Reveals That Michael Jackson May Have Stolen “Billie Jean” From Donna Summer

But it's worth noting that Quincy Jones did produce Thriller...
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