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A Michigan Woman Has Been Charged With The Death Of Her 1-Year-Old

Lisa Rae Bryan faces life in prison for the death of her 1-year-old daughter, only after serving 15 months in prison in 2011 for the death…


Detroit Mother And Son Receive Home Makeover Captured In Emotional Video

A mother and son's reaction to their home makeover just went viral for good reason.


Michigan Cop Who Handcuffed An 11-Year-Old Girl At Gunpoint Will Not Be Disciplined

The department is looking to take steps “to ensure equitable outcomes in our interactions with the community.”


Michigan Police Under Investigation For Handcuffing 11-Year-Old Girl At Gunpoint

Honestie Hodges was cuffed and patted down by cops.


A Man Who Raped A 12-Year-Old Was Granted Custody Of The Victim’s Son

Christopher Mirasolo pled guilty to third-degree criminal sexual conduct and spent less than a year behind bars.


Black Middle Schooler Assaulted By Teacher For Sitting During The Pledge Of Allegiance

"I don't feel safe going to that school anymore because I don't know what they're going to do next."


Flint Homeowners May Face Foreclosure Due To Unpaid Water Bills

The Washington Post states that the city aims to collect $5.8 million in fees.


After Raising $100,000, Big Sean Hopes To Aid In Flint’s Water Restoration

Although Big Sean is on a promotional tour for his fourth studio album, I Decided, the acclaimed rapper has another real world issue plastered on…


City Of Flint Reportedly Files Motion Against Mandatory Water Delivery

The state of Michigan is no longer alone in its fight.