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Nature’s Rave: Electric Forest Festival Photo Recap

This weekend in Rothbury, Michigan, fantasy turned into reality in the depths of Sherwood Forest for this year's Electric Forest Festival. Costumed characters and rave…


Jon Connor Speaks On ‘Unconscious State’ LP, Working With Chris Webby, And The Genius Of Cyndi Lauper

Calling rapper Jon Connor a workaholic would be like dubbing Lindsay Lohan merely a casual drug user. The Flint, Michigan-born lyricist’s non-stop output speaks to…


Opinion: Chris Webber, Michigan, And The NCAA

Tonight's NCAA championship game has some history attached - Louisville will look to add a third national championship to their venerable program, while Michigan will…

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Real Life “Project X” Party Goes Viral On Twitter

Nicknamed "Project M," the Twitter-fueled party brought a new meaning to the word "rager"...


Michigan Teacher Fired for Trayvon Martin Fundraiser

Outrage has been sparked in Michigan. NBC reports a middle school teacher was fired after she encouraged students to raise money in a fundraiser to…

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Mitt Romney Wins Michigan

Mitt Romney is relieved this morning after winning Michigan's primary contest. Romney won by the skin of his teeth against Rep. Rick Santorum in a…
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