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10 Money Lessons From Rap Songs

Besides giving us epic beefs and party anthems, the rap game has also taught us a thing or two about moolah. Factor out the lavish…


Morning Wrap Party: Felix Da Housecat Wants To Be A Lesbian, TECLA Statement On Gold Diggers, TWRK Puts You To ‘Work’

VIBE gives you the 411 on the latest and hottest in dance music premieres, previews and more ->…


Damon Dash Says He’s Deep In Debt

Damon Dash had it all.


Spring Cleaning: Out With The Old

If you've ever put off cleaning your room only to find a complete disaster by the end of the week, you can identify…


4 Expectations to Drop When You Move in With Mr. Right

Some women dream about the day when moving boxes are littered across the floor in the new house she will share with her…


VV Must Have: 5 Beauty Tools Under $20

Beauty products are so costly these days, it's hard to kind great products at reasonable price. How about a revolutionary eyelash curler, a…


Loner Leaves $7.4 Million To Long Lost Cousin

A Nevada loner left $7.4 million in gold coins to a long-lost cousin. The bizarre story begins with Walter Samaszko Jr., who neighbors described as…


Romney Staffers Lost Their Credit Cards

The leaks out of the failed Romney campaign are just getting started. It seems that just hours after conceding the election to Barack Obama, Romney…


50 Photos of Multi-Million Dollar Houses Owned By Rappers

Rappers sure know how to buy expensive homes but do they really know how to maintain and keep them? (2 Chainz copped this…


Sugar Mamas Vs. Sugar Babies: Which Would You Rather Be?

From UPTOWN--One of the biggest challenges couples face is figuring out how to handle their money. Combining assets and sharing resources can cause…


Chipotle Caught Cheating and Stealing From Customers

Chipotle restaurants in New Jersey have a lot of explaining to do. Recently, diners in NYC and NJ noticed their checks rounded up or down…


Rihanna’s Ex-Accountants Blame The Singer for Millions Lost

Rihanna stays a magnet for controversy. After filing a lawsuit against her former accounting firm Bergdon LLC, they are firing back…


Rick Ross Makes It Rain All Night at ‘King of Diamonds’

Rick Ross was on cloud 9 last night at King of Diamonds in Miami.


Power Struggle! Why Self-Made Women Need Self-Sufficient Men

Times have changed. It isn’t unheard of for women to be as equally successful as men, if not more. Take a look at…