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Case Of The Mondays: Ranking Justin Bieber’s 10 #MusicMondays Songs

Over the last ten weeks, Justin Bieber has consistently delivered his own hashtagged tracks for fans to snack on. Much like Kanye West's G.O.O.D. Friday…


Justin Bieber Packs #MusicMonday Tracks In Forthcoming ‘Journals’ Compilation

Finally! All of Justin Bieber's glorious #MusicMonday offerings will be released in a compact compilation album titled Journals.


New Music: Justin Bieber Feat. Chance The Rapper ‘Confident’

Justin Bieber's swag bag just got a little heavier. After tapping the x-rated R&B genius R. Kelly for "PYD," the Canuck wunderkind taps Chance The…


New Video: Justin Bieber’s Get’s His Grown Man on in “All That Matters”

Justin Bieber may still have a few years until he's old enough to drink, legally, but he's definitely growing into his sexy.


New Music: Justin Bieber ‘Roller Coaster’

Justin Bieber takes a ride in his latest #MusicMondays offering "Roller Coaster." The up-tempo jam dips in and out of the Biebs' complicated love story:…


New Music: Justin Bieber ‘Alone’

Justin Bieber may be single and sleeping alone (sort of), but he's got his fans. While Justin's Beliebers will never leave him lonely, the Biebs…


25 Twitter Reactions To Justin Bieber’s Sex Song ‘PYD’ Feat. R. Kelly

Chris Brown will "take you down," Usher can "lay you down," and Justin Bieber is gonna "put you down." As part of his Music Monday…


Vixen Boombox: Justin Bieber and R. Kelly ‘Put You Down’

Justin Bieber continues his well-received Music Mondays with "PYD," a highly anticipated duet with R.Kelly. The teen dream takes a more adult stance as…


7 Reasons We’re Looking Forward To Justin Bieber’s Next Album

In early October, Justin Bieber announced that he was kicking off "Music Mondays" and releasing one new song every Monday between then and December 25.


Justin Bieber Following in Rappers’ Footsteps With His New #MusicMondays

Justin Bieber is following in the steps of Kanye West and Timbaland by launching his new music initiative, #MusicMondays. The pop star intends…