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NYPD Officer Says Support Of Colin Kaepernick Blocked His Promotion

"Me being aligned with him was seen as standing with the enemy.”


Tiffany Haddish Was Almost A Contestant On ‘Flavor Of Love’

Imagine the memes that would've been created.


Andre 3000 Has Heartwarming Encounter With Woman Wearing A Shirt With Him On It

"I just wish I could explain the pause I took as he floated out of the damn coffee shop on this calm a** street..."


NY Senator Proposes Bill To Make Calling 911 On Innocent Black People A Hate Crime

The bill was proposed by Sen. Jesse Hamilton (D) and if passed, the decision on whether or not the 911 call was made with a…


New York City Inmates Can Soon Make Calls Inside City Jails Free Of Charge

This new law will save families about $8 million a year.


6 Things To Know About Therese Patricia Okoumou, The Woman Who Scaled The Statue Of Liberty

Okoumou's fight in social justice has been going on for some time.


A Man Was Hit By A Car After Trying To Get A Girl’s Number

Although he's expected to survive, doctors say the 24-year-old may suffer memory loss.


Students Propose Removal Of Homework In Petition To New York District

Students Christopher DeLeon and Niko Keelie created a petition with the proposal to remove homework entirely, which is on time for the preexisting trend.


White New York Lawyer Threatens To Report Women To ICE For Speaking Spanish

"My guess is that they're undocumented. So, my next step is to call ICE and have each one of them kicked out of my country. "


7-Year-Old Chokes To Death In Prank Gone Wrong

The young girl reportedly had a history of playing tricks on her family.


A Brooklyn Museum Is Devoting An Exhibit To Tiffany “New York” Pollard

"Does it look like I give a f**k? Because I don't."
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