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Family of 6-Year-Old Sandy Hook Survivor Trying to Sue State for $100 Million

The family of a surviving 6-year-old Sandy Hook Elementary School student is attempting to sue the state of Connecticut for a $100 million.


Lanza Family Says Ryan Lanza Facebook Posts Are A Hoax

A poser pretending to be Ryan Lanza, brother of the shooter in the Sandy Hook tragedy that took place in Newtown, Connecticut, mourned the 27…


New Music: Chris Webby and OnCue “Home” (A Song for Sandy Hook)

Chris Webby and Oncue recently teamed up to record a song for the victims in the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting. As CT natives, the…


9-Year-Old BK Rapper Makes “Stop Da Violence” Video For Sandy Hook Shooting Victims

In the wake of the dark tragedy that struck Newtown, Connecticut, a star emerges.


Kesha Responds To “Die Young” Controversy On Twitter

Ke$ha may be the poster child for the young and the reckless but her recent single has brought some unforeseen difficulties.


Discovery Cancels ‘American Guns’ Following Newtown School Shooting

Discovery Channel gave the ax to its sharpshooting series "American Guns." While the announcement has come almost a week since the Sandy Hook tragedy, the…


Why President Obama Should Handle Gun Law Reform Sooner Rather Than Later

--The tragedy that unfolded in Newtown, Connecticut shook America to its core. When 20-year-old Adam Lanza went on a shooting spree at Sandy Hook Elementary…


Guest Editor Bill Bellamy Gives His Year-In-Review

2012 was a wild ride. It has seen some of the most viral trends as well as monumental moments of triumph and tragedy. Guest editor…