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Former ESPN Reporter Claims She Was Demoted Because She’s White

“I think there were a number of factors into laying me off.”


22-Year-Old Linebacker Becomes The NFL’s First One-Handed Player

Shaquem Griffin is beating the odds and making history.


M.I.A. Says Jay-Z Told Her to Sign Settlement With NFL After Super Bowl Middle Finger Fiasco

"Jay Z was, like, ‘you should sign that sh*t’ and I was, like, ‘no.’"


Stephen Curry, Diddy Reportedly Back Out Of Bid For The Carolina Panthers

With a bidding price reportedly set at $2.5 billion, Diddy and Stephen Curry allegedly backed out of the running.


90-Minute Throwing Session Puts Colin Kaepernick Back On The Map

A video of his private, 90-minute throwing session in Houston has Colin Kaepernick in the headlines again.


Former NFL Player Joe McKnight’s Murderer Sentenced To 30 Years In Prison

Ronald Gasser is charged with manslaughter after killing McKnight in a road rage shooting style death.

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ABC Shelves NFL Protest-Themed Episode Of ‘Black-ish’ Over Creative Differences

The episode “Please, Baby, Please,” centered around the NFL protests of the national anthem and police brutality.


Gay Former NFL Player Wade Davis Works To End Homophobia In Pro Sports

The intended outcome of Davis’ workshops is for NFL personnel to make a more honest effort to turn the league into a more inclusive work environment.


NFL Prospect Derrius Guice Asked By A Recruiter If He Likes Men

An unidentified NFL team is preparing to catch heat for a representative's actions.


A 38-Year-Old Former NFL Player Says He’s Experiencing Symptoms Of CTE

Larry Johnson details a bout with depression, suicidal thoughts, and his fading memory.


NFL Proposes $90 Million Social Justice Fund In Attempt To End National Anthem Protests

The NFL submitted a proposal to the NFL in hopes of ending the national anthem protests, first started by Colin Kaepernick.


University of Nevada Cop Dons Colin Kaepernick Costume For Halloween

Officer Antonio Gutierrez donned a fake Afro wig and cardboard sign that read "Will stand for food."
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