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Slept-On Gems: 15 Incredible Albums That Might Not Make Most Year-End Lists

From Lupe to Ne-Yo, here are the projects that fell under the radar in a very music-heavy year.


Love Conquers All On Ne-Yo’s New Single ‘Every Day With Love’ Featuring Sonna Rele

Ne-Yo has the perfect answer to fix the world's troubles, and it's to simply live everyday with love.


Ne-Yo’s ‘Non-Fiction’ Album Scores No. 1 Spot On The R&B Charts

Ne-Yo's sixth studio album has finally reached its peak. The singer-songwriter's compilation, Non-Fiction, was received with critical-acclaim after its release on Jan. 27, and sits…


Ne-Yo Links With Trey Songz, T-Pain, & The Dream For ‘She Knows’ Remix

Ne-Yo tapped three of R&B's most prolific and thugged out crooners -- Trey Songz, T-Pain and The Dream - -for the remix of "She Knows."


Ne-Yo And T.I. Offer The Ladies ‘One More’ Drink

Ladies, if you roll to the bar with Ne-Yo and T.I., the bar tab should be the last of your worries. Think about what is…


Ne-Yo Wants To Know ‘Who’s Taking You Home’

Following two freebies, "Make It Easy," and "Religious," Ne-Yo is back with another release, "Who's Taking You Home," featuring David Guetta. Over a…


Ne-Yo Enjoys Sun, Sand And Sexy Women In New Video ‘Coming With You’

Old Man Winter is in full swing, but Ne-Yo does us all solid with his latest video, "Coming With You." The…


Interview: Ne-Yo Discusses ‘Non-Fiction’ Album, Auto-Tune, New Collabos And More

If R&B were a classroom, multi-platinum selling artist Ne-Yo would be the quiet student who sits in the back of the class with the mystique…