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O.J. Simpson Calls Colin Kaepernick’s NFL Protests “A Bad Choice”

"I think Colin made a mistake," the former athlete said in a wide-ranging interview Friday (Mar. 16).

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Kanye West Blasted Over Wearing ‘Free O.J.’ T-Shirt

Chris Darden, prosecutor in the O.J. Simpson trial isn't happy about Ye's recent fashion choice.


Book Publisher Says O.J. Simpson Confessed 1994 Murders To Her

She is a featured panelist on the upcoming O.J. special as well.


O.J. Simpson Recounts Night Of Ex-Wife’s Death In ‘Lost Confession’ FOX Special

The program in question stems from a 2006 interview where Simpson spoke at length with Judith Regan on details from the night of the incident.


O.J. Simpson Threatens A Vegas Casino With A $100 Million Lawsuit For Being Wrongfully Thrown Out

O.J. Simpson and his legal team are preparing to level a lawsuit against The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas casino for being unjustifiably banished from the property.


O.J. Simpson Reportedly Banned From Vegas Hotel Over Drunkenness

Simpson was reportedly escorted out of the Cosmopolitan Hotel after he became drunk and disruptive to staff and guests.


After Nine Years In Prison, O.J. Simpson Is A Free Man

The Juice is loose, like for real this time.


O.J. Simpson’s Fame May Delay His Release From Prison

Officials don't want paparazzi's eagerness to see Simpson cause any traffic accidents, similar to the death of Princess Diana.


O.J. Simpson Could Be A Free Man As Early As Monday

The Juice will be loose very soon.


New O.J. Simpson Museum To Feature Artifacts From 1995 Murder Case

The exhibit will also feature a tribute to Nicole Brown Simpson.


Christopher Darden Says O.J. Simpson Parole Hearing Was B.S.

“Well, I got to tell you I’m a little heated."


O.J. Simpson Reportedly Gets Job Offer From Nevada Brothel

Could The Bunny Ranch be The Juice's next big gig?


The Juice Is Loose, And Twitter Is Boomin’

The Juice is, in fact, loose.
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