Month-Old Baby Found With Cash In Car Seat On The Side Of The Highway

One person deemed the situation as "surreal."


Oklahoma Man Manages To Propose To His Girlfriend During Arrest

Unconditional love will not be restrained by handcuffs.


Betty Shelby Charged With First- Degree Manslaughter In Killing Of Terence Crutcher

Just six days after 42-year-old Betty Shelby shot and killed Terence Crutcher, she's been charged with manslaughter.


High School Senior With Cerebral Palsy Walks For First Time To Receive Diploma

Warning: A box of Kleenex will be necessary after watching this video.


Mile-Wide Tornado Devastates Oklahoma City (Video)

A tornado ripped through Oklahoma City suburbs on Monday, the Associated Press reports. The tornado hit just south of Will Rogers World Airport, in Moore,…


Rouge Dentist HIV Scare May Affect 7,000 Patients

A 'rogue dentist' may have exposed up to 7,000 patients to HIV and hepatitis thanks to poor sterilization and hygiene.


Police Find Loaded Weapon In Woman’s Vagina

Where is Dave Chappelle when you need him?! A woman arrested by police was revealed to have a loaded gun hidden inside her vagina and…

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Game Recognizes Game: Expect… Setbacks

We all can agree the worth of the dollar isn't what it use to be. But apparently, neither is the value of gold.