Oral Sex


Vintage Jay Z Interview Next To Two Women Having Sex Surfaces (NSFW)

Before he was a multi-million dollar businessman and all-around family guy, Jay Z was a rapper trying to make it out of Brooklyn.


Michael Douglas Alleges Oral Sex Gave Him Cancer

Michael Douglas has been cancer free for two years. The two-time Oscar winner was diagnosed with stage four throat cancer in August of 2010, and…


Kitty Pryde Speaks On Danny Brown’s On-Stage Oral Sex Incident

Did he or didn't he: that was the question.


HPV From Oral Sex May Cause More Throat Cancer Than Smoking In Men

HPV may cause more cases of throat cancer in men than smoking, according to researchers. Researchers examined 271 throat-tumor samples collected over 20 years ending…


Oral Sex: Is There a Stigma for Black Women?

From UPTOWN--Let me be frank. There are women who count oral sex as one of their favorite pastimes. Call it an oral fixation or…