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Cop Killers: 13 Rap Lyrics About Police Murdering Civilians

Police brutality is nothing new. The tally of victims reads like a roll call: Sean Bell, Amadou Diallo, Oscar Grant. The list is…


Ferguson Under Siege: Why Michael Brown’s Murder And Nationwide Police Brutality Is The Tipping Point For Revolution

Michael Brown. The "gentle giant," as his family affectionately called him. He’d never been in a fight in his entire life. Being big and black,…

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‘Fruitvale Station’: Michael B. Jordan On the Many Layers of Oscar Grant

Fruitvale Station, a 2013 Sundance Grand Jury Prize winner, follows Oscar Grant on the last day of 2008, which was also ultimately the…

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‘Fruitvale,’ ‘Blood Brother’ Win Big At Sundance Awards

While most were tuned into last night's Screen Actor Guild awards, indie fans were all atwitter over the Sundance Film Festival awards.


Rumor Control: LeBron James Hits Miami, Mario x Dez, Nicki Minaj Gets Release Date

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