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Former Papa John’s CEO Sues Company After Resigning For Using N-Word

John Schnatter now claims that he was "falsely accused" of using a racial slur.


Morehouse College Bans Papa John’s From Campus Amid N-Word Controversy

"The college is exploring all options for removal of the franchise from campus..."


Papa John’s Founder Uses N-Word During Conference Call

"Regardless of the context, I apologize."


Papa John’s CEO Steps Down Amid Controversial Comments About NFL Protests

John Schnatter will remain as chairman of the board.


Papa John’s Says Sorry For Making “Divisive” Comments About NFL Protests

"We believe in the right to protest inequality and support the players’ movement to create a new platform for change."


Papa John’s CEO Blames Poor Pizza Sales On NFL Protests

And Twitter had NO problem telling him that he's reaching.


Iggy’s Phone Number Gets Leaked By Papa John’s Driver

All Iggy Azalea wanted was some of her favorite pizza, and what she ended up getting was a thirstball. Apparently, Iggy ordered pizza…


Papa John’s CEO Facebook Apology For Racist Voicemail

An ex-employee of a Papa John's location in Sanford, Fla. is currently the most hated man in the company's offices.


Papa John’s Faces $250 Million Lawsuit for Mass Text Messages

Papa John's is facing an outrageous lawsuit in a $250 million class-action lawsuit.