Parkland Shooting


Five Important Factors Of Liberty City’s Fight Against Gun Violence

The community has come together to protest the gun violence that plagues the infamous area.


Parkland School Shooter Wants To Donate His Inheritance To Victims

Nikolas Cruz, 19, stands to inherit $25,000 from his deceased mother's insurance policy.


Black Parkland Students Demand Their Voices Be Heard Too

Black students at Marjoy Stoneman Douglas High School want the media to include them in the discussion about gun violence.


Remington Files For Bankruptcy Amid Student-Led Gun Reform Protests

Remington, one of the oldest gun manufacturers in the country, has filed for bankruptcy protection. The Associated Press reports a decrease in gun sales…


The Obamas Send Handwritten Letter To Parkland Students

“You’ve helped awaken the conscience of the nation.”


Brother Of Parkland Shooter Was Interested In Starting A Fan Club For Nikolas Cruz

Zachary Cruz was arrested for trespassing as he broke into the school to "reflect on the school shooting and soak it in."


National Walkout Day: A Look At Student Protesters Around The Country

"While the GOP prays, we all remain prey."


Resource Officer Accidentally Fires Gun Inside Virginia Middle School

"We're talking about arming teachers, and even the security personnel that are trained can't seem to make it work," one parent said.


“Empty Shoes” Demonstration Outside US Capitol Honors Victims Of Gun Violence

“I’m tired of the inaction and the chokehold that NRA lobbyists have on Congress.”


One Sixth Grader Has Prepared A Will In The Event Of A School Shooting

The impact of gun violence is taking a dark turn.