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GOP House Speaker Paul Ryan Is Done Publicly Supporting Donald Trump

Following the resurfacing of the Trump Tapes, the GOP figurehead is the latest to rescind his support of Donald Trump.


Democrats Have Staged An Amazing Sit-In Over Gun Legislation

Led by civil rights leader John Lewis, House Dems took over the chambers to demand a vote on the troubling issue Wednesday morning (June 22.)…

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Condoleezza Rice Speaks On Women’s “Social Issues”

Condoleezza Rice threw her opinions into the hat during an appearance on "On The Record with Greta Van Susteren" Thursday night. While on the FOX…


The Week’s Best (And Worst) Celebrity Tweets: 50 Cent, French Montana, and Stacey Dash

These tweet streets ain't safe no more. From Fif and French's virtual shots to Stacey Dash's Romney co-sign, Twitter has some funny characters.

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VIDEO: Watch Last Night’s Vice Presidential Debates

Neither side scored anything close to a knockout — or even knockdown — in the first and only vice presidential debate Thursday, and both sides…