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Al Pacino To Play Joe Paterno Role In New Film

Al Pacino's newest gig may turn out to be the most controversial.


Racist Penn State Sorority Photo Shocks Campus

Today a Penn State sorority is feeling the weight of a poor decision made a couple months ago. In the released picture the women of…


More Sanctions to Come for Penn State, Joe Paterno Statue Removed

The final verdict of the Jerry Sandusky child molestation case has left the minds of those connected to Penn State shaken.


NBC News Error May Help Sandusky with Appeal

Sandusky was convicted on Friday (June 22) of 45 counts of child endangerment and is expected to be receive no less than 400 years in…

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‘South Park’ Ethers Penn State With Parody Episode

Y'all know South Park stays with the jokes...even when they sting more than actually provoke laughter. So, it shouldn't be a surprise that they tackled…


Did Penn State Also Cover Up Death Threats Against Black Students?

Penn State University seems to have a thing for cover ups. As details continue to unfold about former Penn State football defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky,…


Fails of the Week — Lil’ Kim, Herman Cain and Ashton Kutcher Take an “L”

Who: Lindsay Lohan Fail: Lindsay Lohan did 5 hours in jail of what was supposed to be a 30 day sentence for violating her…


Penn State Football Coach Joe Paterno Fired Over Child Abuse Scandal

Penn State head coach Joe Paterno, who has one of the most successful careers in college football history, and University President Graham Spanier were fired…