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Opinion: No Piers Morgan, White People Cannot Use The N-Word (And You’re An A** For Suggesting Otherwise)

Does Morgan really think that Kanye is making music for white people? Really? Nah, son.


Amber Rose Calls Piers Morgan “Misogynistic A**hole” After SlutWalk Picture Comments

"I'm sorry I forgot only men can be sexually confident."


Piers Morgan Claims Ali Said More “Racist” Things Than Trump, Chris Brown Claps Back

After Donald Trump spoke on Ali's passing, Piers Morgan defended the Republican candidate, which caused Chris Brown to issue a scathing retort.


John Legend Doesn’t Want Piers Morgan’s Opinion On The N-Word

Former CNN host Piers Morgan offered his opinion on the use of the N-word, and John Legend was not here for it. In…


Chelsea Handler Rips Into Piers Morgan On “Chelsea Lately”

Late night funny woman Chelsea Handler spent no time ripping on her guest Piers Morgan of CNN's "Piers Morgan Tonight" Wednesday on her E! talk…


Alex Jones Goes Crazy On Piers Morgan

Conservative nutjob Alex Jones went absolutely crazy Monday night on Piers Morgan. The conspiracy theorist and radio host began ranting against Morgan, the target of…


The Week’s Best (And Worst) Celebrity Tweets: Rick Ross Rocks Animal Prints, Amber Rose’s No Meat Diet and More

Though this past week can't be summed up in 140 characters, Sowmya K. gives us the top trendiest tweets of the week.

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Christine O’Donnell Walks Out Of Piers Morgan Interview

Christine O'Donnell appeared on CNN for an interview with Piers Morgan but walked off set when he asked her about her stance on gay marriage.


Beyonce Talks To MTV And Piers Morgan, Calls ‘4’ Her Own Little ‘Gumbo’

It’s Bey season, everyone, and with Beyonce’s long-awaited album, ‘4,’ finally in stores, there’s been a lot of talk surrounding the album – including from…
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