Police Brutality


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Woman Goes Into Early Labor After Being Kicked By Off-Duty Cop

"...my concern was if he was healthy."


Minneapolis Officers Will Not Face Charges For Shooting Death Of Thurman Blevins

"Black people are tired of being hunted down like deer!"


California Police Kill 26-Year-Old Father In Walmart Parking Lot

“They saw a car full of black people sitting in front of a Walmart, and they decided that was suspicious.”


Disabled Black Man Shot And Killed By Cops In Brooklyn

"This shouldn’t have happened at all.”

Movies & TV

‘Two Sides’: Viola Davis Debuts Documentary Series On Police Brutality

'Two Sides' airs on TV One through February 12.


Attorneys For Ulysses Wilkerson, Alabama Teen Physically Assaulted By Police, Seeks Justice

The teen's Christmas Eve was spent handcuffed to a gurney inside the University of Alabama-Birmingham Hospital for wounds that left his face deformed.


Chicago Officer Who Shot At Car Of Teens Sentenced To Five Years

Officer Marco Proano was reportedly convicted of using execessive force against a group of teen drivers.


A Look At St. Louis Protests During Emmy Awards Weekend

Ex-cop is acquitted of first-degree murder, and St. Louis protesters aren't sitting this out.


Black Officers Refute Donald Trump’s Promotion Of Police Brutality: “We Are Not Thugs”

Black police officers are against police brutality, despite Trump's violent rhetoric.


Donald Trump Encourages Police To “Not Be So Nice” When Arresting Suspects

"I'm a cop. I do not agree with or condone Trump's remarks today on police brutality."


Officer Who Fatally Shot John Crawford III Will Not Face Federal Charges

The Department of Justice claims the evidence is "insufficient to prove, beyond a reasonable doubt" that federal civil rights laws were violated.


If YG Were President, Perpetrators Of Police Brutality Would Be Beheaded

"If I was president, all these police that's motherf**king killing innocent black people for no reason would be doing life in prison…"
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