Former D.C. Mayor Marion Barry Dies At 78

Former four-time mayor of Washington, D.C. Marion Barry died Sunday morning (Nov. 23). Currently serving on the D.C. Council, Barry was a well-known political figure…


Ex-New Orleans Mayor Sentenced To 10 Years In Prison

This morning (July 9), former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin found out he'll be spending the next 10 years in the slammer. According to USA…


Fox News Says Hillary Clinton Will Need Single Women AKA ‘Beyonce Voters’

Fox News always knows how to stir up trouble. In a segment discussing the Hobby Lobby Supreme Court decision—which ruled that private companies…


Mayoral Candidate Anthony Weiner Gets Into A Shouting Match In Brooklyn

With Anthony Weiner's stock as a potential New York City mayoral candidate plummets rapidly, he's now got to contend with a video showing him in…


Ex-Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick Convicted In Corruption Case

Clink goes the jailhouse door for the former mayor of Detroit.


Young Voters To Host #BarackTalk State of the Union Discussion

With President Barack Obama's second term already underway, young voters are ensuring their voices are heard through a medium they know best: social media.


Colin Powell Challenges Bill O’Reilly

To quote Bossip, Colin Powell is a "G" and may be the spark needed to rejuvenate the GOP. More details after the jump.


New York’s Outspoken Mayor, Ed Koch, Dies At 88

The brash, colorful and often-confrontational mayor helped lead New York City out of its brush with bankruptcy to become one of the city's…


Michelle Obama Eye Roll Shows Why We Love Our FLOTUS!

We all know our first lady has attitude, but this Michelle Obama eye roll is too much! Gawker captured the best GIF of the inauguration,…


Bill Clinton Photobombs Kelly Clarkson!

As President Obama was sworn in for his second term in office, he had a fellow president up on stage with him, who may have…


Starbucks Sends Political Message on Cups?

Mega coffee chain Starbucks is joining in the "fiscal cliff" discussion in Washington, and placing a simple message to lawmakers on their signature coffee cups.