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Pope Francis Welcomes Breastfeeding In Sistine Chapel: “Virgin Mary Nursed Jesus”

“You mothers, go ahead and breastfeed, without fear."


Pope Francis Brings Rival Colombian Leaders Together To Discuss FARC Deal

The pope has opted not to travel to Colombia until the peace process is complete.


Pope Francis’ Christmas Card Features Two Baby Jesuses For A Reason

With a little backstory, it all makes sense.


Donald Trump Backs Down From His Beef With The Pope

Seriously, who in their right mind picks a fight with the Pope??


Pope Francis Drops A Rock-Pop Album

There's a new Christian compilation making waves.

Music News

Sanctified Spitter: This Picture Inspired The Hilarious Hashtag #PopeBars On Twitter

Twitter does it again. Inspired by a photo of Pope Francis, Twitter takes the hashtag, #PopeBars to the next level with hillarious make believe rap…


The Pope Receives Personalized Boston Celtics Jersey

Looks like Pope Francis has a reason to ball.


Pope Celibacy Rule Up For Changes?

Pope Francis said last year that the pope celibacy rule could change in the future. The former Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio said in an interview that…


Catholic Church Elects Argentina’s Jorge Mario Bergoglio As New Pope

Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio has been elected as the new pope of the Roman Catholic Church and will lead under the name Pope Francis.