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VIBE Presents: ‘Mind Of A Genius 2014’ Mixed By David Dann

David Dann is the New York-bred, LA-buttered producer-DJ who is known for rebelling against the corporate, often commercial labels. His debut self-released LP titled, To…


VIBE’s Raver Gift Guide: Top Presents For Dance Music Diehards

TMG Halos You’ve seen them at festivals around the world and worn by countless celebrities. The fabulously stylish Michelle Madonna creates these beautiful flower…


The Ultimate VIXEN Holiday Gift Guide

Christmas is a week and a half away and the gift-giving anxiety is real. No one gives Christmas lists anymore, so finding a good gift…

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Beyonce on Christmas Shopping for Jay-Z: ‘It Has To Be A Surprise!’

Even celebs are last minute shoppers. Just ask Beyonce. She was spotted shopping at Curye in NYC, this past week. She revealed her plans for…