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Condoleezza Rice On Donald Trump’s Campaign: “He Should Withdraw”

The former Secretary of State says that Trump lacks the "dignity" and "stature" to hold office.


The Power of Mercy: Assessing The Third Round of The Presidential Debates

Thanks to Kanye West, mercy is the only word that comes to mind as I watched the final installment of the presidential debate. Unlike the…


Watch The 2012 Presidential Debates, Round 3 (Live Stream)

ABC News brings you the third installment of the Presidential debates, keeping you in the political know away from home. Stream it live below.


The Final 2012 Presidential Debate: A Foreign Policy Cheat Sheet

Foreign Policy is the theme for Monday’s final Presidential Debate. This is the time where the American public will judge the candidates ability not to…


The 5 R’s: A Political Breakdown Of Round 2 Of The Presidential Debates

As they say on Sesame Street, today’s post is being brought to you by the letter "R."

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WATCH: The Complete Second Presidential Town Hall Debate

Last night had all the makings of a classic championship boxing bout! There was the haymakers thrown by President Barack Obama ("Get the transcripts!") and…

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VIDEO: Watch Last Night’s Vice Presidential Debates

Neither side scored anything close to a knockout — or even knockdown — in the first and only vice presidential debate Thursday, and both sides…

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Mitt Romney Gains Lead Over Obama

A new Pew poll may indicate that Mitt Romney truly won last weeks debate, as he is leading President Barack Obama by four percentage points.

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Unemployment Falls To 7.8%; Economy Creates 114,000 Jobs

The latest news upon the unemployment status of Americans received a boost, as it has dropped to the lowest it has been in almost four…


The Sweet Life: President Obama vs. Mitt Romney, Round 1

And the winner is…well that’s debatable.


Social Media Numbers Break Records Due To Debate

FOX CT reports how viewers of the first Presidential debate flocked to social media outlets to give their reactions and opinions: "One minute…


Reactions After First Presidential Debate

Reuters News reports reactions from the first Presidential debate last night (October 3rd) where Barack Obama and Mitt Romney discussed their political viewpoints.