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College Education For Prisoners May Come To An End In 2018

Funding for prisons to offer college and vocational programs may soon come to an end.


DMX To Spend One Year In Jail For Tax Evasion

"I didn’t believe that sh*t stank."


5 Revealing Facts From Meek Mill’s Prison Interview

RollingStone sat down with Meek Mill in prison.

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YoungBoy NBA Potentially Facing 10-Year Prison Stint

The young MC is reportedly "a threat to society and the safety of others."

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C-Murder Joins Hunger Strike To Protest “Inhumane Conditions” At Louisiana’s Angola Prison

The incarcerated rapper is demanding an "internal affairs investigation."


Texas Prison Escapee Returns To Grounds With Home-Cooked Food

Joshua Hansen, an inmate at the federal prison in Beaumont, Texas, would bring alcohol, tobacco, and lots of home-cooked food.


Florida Prisoners Reportedly Use The Internet To Plan Strike

A group of prisoners used their mysterious internet access to address a much bigger issue than phone calls and pictures.


Man Arrested For Throwing Packages Over Prison Fence On Christmas Eve

Guess someone was really feeling the season of giving.


Man Kills Fiancee’s Son, Reportedly Became Irate When The 8-Year-Old Didn’t Clean His Room

Orlando Williams, 39, brutally abused JonMarquis Stepich in separate instances, but an encounter that occurred earlier this week was so severe that it led to the…


Man Convicted Of A 1978 Murder Exonerated After DNA Test Proves Innocence

Officials concluded that Coley's DNA was nowhere to be located on any form of evidence.


Meek Mill Leaves ‘Solitary Confinement’ For ‘General Population’ In Prison

Meek no longer has to spend all his time behind bars alone.


Petition To “Reevaluate The Charges” Against Meek Mill Gains Support

Meek Mill is receiving brotherly love from a wave of supporters.


62-Year-Old Grandmother Serving Life In Prison For Nonviolent Offense

Alice Marie Johnson has spent the last 21 years behind bars.


From Social Media To YouTube, Prodigy Was Always Ahead Of His Time

VIBE's Mikey Fresh had an eye-opening talk with Prodigy right before he turned himself into prison.
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