Prisoner Sues Bey-Z For Stealing Song Lyrics

Celebrities have been getting lawsuits thrown at them every which way, but this one certainly came from left field. Richard Dupree—an inmate at…

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Actress Maria Bello Comes Out In New York Times Essay

The Prisoners actress has recently come out as gay and admitted to her 12-year-old son Jackson that she has a girlfriend.

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Hugh Jackman Reveals Secret Weapon at ‘Prisoners’ Premiere

How far would you go to find your missing loved one? That's the million dollar question in Prisoners, the latest thriller from director…

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INTERVIEW: The Cast Of ‘Prisoners’ Talk Loss, Family And God

Director Denis Villeneuve has much to be proud of, as his new thriller earned the respect and adulation of the Toronto International Film Festival community.

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Watch: Hugh Jackman Go Off On Paul Dano In New ‘Prisoners’ Trailer

Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal battle wits when the former's daughter goes missing, and the latter becomes increasingly desperate to find her.


Prisoners Use A Table Leg To Break Out Of A French Jail

Three prisoners celebrated the new year by freeing themselves of their troubles—literally. Here's where things get interesting: they did it all with just a table…