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Here’s How A 12-Year-Old Maryland Girl Collected Over 500 Cases Of Water For Puerto Rico

Dashai Morton had one goal in mind for her birthday.


Puerto Rico Debt Crisis To Continue For Over Another Decade After Hurricane Maria

Meanwhile, 45 is mad he wasn't praised enough for his "efforts" on the island.


Flint Mayor Sends Letter Of Support To Mayor Of San Juan

"You must stand steadfast and continue to do everything in your power to save your people."


The Importance Of Ebro’s Commentary On Puerto Rico And Blackness

Even if it is oversimplified, and perhaps problematic. 


Crazy Legs Launches ‘Rock Steady For Life’ Campaign To Supply Puerto Rico With Clean Food, Water

“Me, just a b-boy from Bronx, how the hell is it that I’m able to get here before the president of the United States?”…


Donald Trump Dedicates A Golf Trophy To Hurricane Victims

In Monday's edition of "Whose Man's Is This?"
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