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Fat Joe Calls Donald Trump “Delusional” Over Puerto Rico’s Hurricane Relief

"This man ain't even know Puerto Ricans were Americans."


Donated Supplies For Puerto Rico’s Hurricane Relief Found Decaying

The news was first brought to attention by Radio Isla.


Rita Moreno Speaks On Immigrant Experience, ‘West Side Story’ On AARP

“Wherever I go, people still call out to me in a Puerto Rican accent, “I like to be in America.”


Study Finds Nearly 4,600 People Died In Puerto Rico After Hurricane Maria

These new findings present a stark contrast to the death toll the government initially projected.


Federal Judge Orders Investigation Into Police Response To Protests In Puerto Rico

Thousand took to the streets in protest of government measures that will affect residents of the U.S. territory. 


Puerto Rican National Guard Airmen Identified In Fatal Military Plane Crash

Investigators are pointing the aging plane as part of the reason behind the crash.

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Interview: Crazy Legs Discusses Puerto Rico’s Next Steps And Red Bull Documentary

"I went to Puerto Rico as a Puerto Rican and left as a human being."


Puerto Rico Endures Country-Wide Blackout

The loss of power arrives seven months after Hurricane Maria's landfall.


Puerto Rico Faces Massive School Closings Due To Lack Of Enrollment

Puerto Rico’s education system has seen the loss of 39,000 students since May.


Carmen Yulin Cruz, Mayor Of San Juan, Reportedly Eyes Governor Seat In Puerto Rico

San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz hopes to bring change.


Comic Book Anthology ‘Puerto Rico Strong’ To Donate Proceeds To Hurricane Maria Relief Efforts

St. Louis based comic book publisher Lion Forge is donating proceeds from their new anthology Puerto Rico Strong.


Puerto Rican Youth To March On Washington As FEMA Ends Aid 6 Months After Hurricane Maria

"Congress has allocated only a fraction of the 90 billion dollars needed for Puerto Rico to recover and thrive, while continuing to put fiscal control…


“Signs Of Radioactivity” Reportedly Found In Puerto Rico’s Groundwater

A power plant located in Guayama is the source of this latest development in the country's fight for clean water and restored power.
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