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Puerto Rican Trap Artist Bad Bunny Is ‘Up Next’ On Apple Music

New to the music scene is the fusion of trap, reggaeton and pop rhythms, but Bad Bunny’s a pioneer.


Akon Says He Had A “Solution” To Puerto Rico’s Electricity Quandary

The 44-year-old singer/record executive provided details on this claim and said Puerto Ricans would've received a faster response from his team if they got the…


FEMA: We Won’t Cut Off Aid to Puerto Rico

Officials claim the parts of Puerto Rico still affected by the storm can be handled by the government.


Puerto Rico Orders Investigation Into Death Toll From Hurricane Maria

Governor orders recount of potential casualties  from the catastrophic storm.


In Puerto Rico, The Death Toll From Hurricane Maria Could Be Above 1,000

The official death toll remains at 64, but the 'New York Times' found the number of casualties to be much higher.


As A Way Of Raising Support For Puerto Rico, A Bronx Poet Marries Her Homeland

The depths of one poet's love for her homeland runs so deep that she decided to take her admiration a step further.


Puerto Rico Cancels $300 Million Contract With Tiny Energy Company Hired To Restore Electricity

"There can be no distraction that alters the commitment to repair the power grid as quickly as possible."


Donald Trump Gives His Response To Puerto Rico’s Relief Effort A 10

...but Puerto Rico's former governor took to Twitter to express a different sentiment.


Tidal X Concert Garners $3.7 Million To Aid Natural Disaster Relief Efforts

Tidal also sent four planes packed with goods and water to Puerto Rico following the destructive aftermath of Hurricane Maria.


Here’s How A 12-Year-Old Maryland Girl Collected Over 500 Cases Of Water For Puerto Rico

Dashai Morton had one goal in mind for her birthday.
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